The Southern Elite Club (Argentina): notes & graphs

Translation/adaptation of a French post published on 2019 March 15th – my English being not as good as it should be, I do hope it remains understandable… And if you notice any (content) mistake, no not hesitate to contact me!

Since the beginning, creation of elitist and undeground circles is a black metal trademark. This post deals with an Argentinian NSBM (National-Socialist Black Metal) circle, based in Buenos-Aires, and active since the beginning of the 2000s: the Southern Elite Club (SEC). Apart from some information on this circle, I take the opportunity to discuss data collection, methodology, network analysis and visualization.

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Three NSBM circles, between local ancrage & global network (Nantes, ISMMS 2019)

What follows is the text written for the 4th ISMMS Conference – of course I hardly read half of it, my English being more rusted than expected, and my text being too long. Thanks a lot for all the relevant questions and comments. I know, it’s poorly written, but it should be enough to fully understand the graphs, pictures & so on.

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